Hymen Reconstruction

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgery aiming at reconstructing the broken hymen. The hymen, usually broken after sexual intercourse, is reconstructed invisibly.

How Hymenoplasty is Performed & Recovery?

 One of the best technique is to stiching the hymen from torn edges and closing it.

 2 layer surgery is performed to reconstruct the hymen to make it durable.

Stiches are done with fine material.

Healing takes about one month.

The stitches are dissolvable and the scar is almost invisible after 1 to 2 months.

The hymen is natural, the scars nearly invisible and hidden in the folds of the hymen.

The operation usually lasts 30 minutes.

The follow-up is light, pains are minor but are well balanced by the usual pain-killers such as paracetamol.

You will need to stop working during 48 hours.

Physical Activities such as Sports or workout is not recommended for at least 15 days to 3 weeks.


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