Cancer Surgeries

Surgery is the traditional form to treat cancer. A surgeon who treats cancer using surgery is called as surgical oncologist. Surgical oncology is the field of cancer care that focuses on surgery to diagnose, stage and treat cancer, and to manage some cancer-related symptoms.

There are more than hundred types of Cancer. Surgery is used to diagnose, different  stages  and  to treat different types of cancer. This helps doctor to identify the different factors such as the size, type, grade, stage, and location of the tumor. Also it can also help identify the patient health condition and physical fitness. 

Depending of the type of cancer Surgery can be combined with alternate treatment which are used to treat cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hormone therapy. 

Types of Cancers:-

Colorectal Cancer

Breast Cancer 

Colon Cancer 

Esophageal cancer

Lung Cancer 

Kidney Cancer

Uterus Cancer

Ovarian Caner

Head and Neck Cancer

Oral Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Pancreas Cancer

Gall Bladder Cancer


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